Enhance creativity

practice yoga

‘Lu’ means body in Tibetan and ‘Jong’ means transformation. Lu Jong is an ancient practice rooted in Tibetan Medicine that releases blockages on the physical, mental and energetic levels. This movement practice makes us healthier, more calm and balanced. A regular yoga practice help us focus the mind, be positive and active, go through creative process with discipline, increase our sensibility and build more awareness about our own creativity.

Yoga Lu Jong


It is a serie of exercises that uses form, movement and breath to repeatedly apply pressure to particular points on the channels, massaging blockages open.

inspired by nature

The theory of Lu Jong recognizes that we are composed of the same building blocks as the natural environment.

Being in tune with natural rhythms has a profound positive effect on us.

ancestral teachings

The movements of Lu Jong originate from ancient Tantric knowledge, Tibetan Medicine and Bön Shamanic wisdom. 

This practice is connected to Tulku Lobsang, a high precious Buddhist master.